Notable Business Collapses in Australia

We bring you the list of the most notable business collapses in Australia that will give you an idea during the tough phase.

Network TEN
An Australian commercial television network has fallen into administration days during the end of the 2016-2017after their billionaire shareholders pulled the plug. Read more to know the complete story.
Dick Smith
It was Australia’s biggest business collapse in 2016. Poorly planned processes, inventory purchasing failures and expensive expansion strategy were the main reasons behind the collapse of Dick Smith.
Rugby WA
Rugby WA is the governing body of rugby union in WA which went into voluntary administration due to the lack of financial resources. They were unable to pay fees owed to the Western Australia Government and Rugby Australia.
This is the Gold-Coast based retail portal that fallen into voluntary administration in August 2017. Justin Cameron, the CEO of SurfStitch, abruptly quit the company, and the new management found that they are in the insolvency state.

HIH: Australia’s Biggest Corporate Collapse

HIH was Australia’s second largest and renowned insurance company which went into provisional liquidation on 15th March 2001. This was the largest corporate collapse in Australia’s history, with total losses up to A$5.3 billion. The members of HIH management were charged as culprits, which led to their imprisonment. The company sold health insurance and was founded on 6 April 1988 about 33 years ago in Canberra (ACT) Australia. It provided insurance policies to residents across Australia.

According to the reports of an appointed provisional liquidator, HIH had lost more than $800 million over six months to 31st of December 2000. The company falls under various shortcomings including the failure to rapid expansion, extensive and complex reinsurance arrangements, an unsupervised delegation of authority, underpricing, false reports, reserve issues, self-dealing, fraud and irresponsible management. This caused the demise of HIH insurance company, which was considered as one of the biggest corporate Collapse in Australia. After the failure of HIH, John Howard the then Prime Minister of Australia declared that a Royal Commission would be set up to investigate the factors for the Canberra-based company's downfall. This Royal Commission was headed by who submitted the report to the Parliament on 16 April 2003. To know the findings of the report by the commission, you can easily read them on the Royal Commission website.


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Know Everything about Business Liquidation

If your business is failed to be saved by voluntary administration, then it will automatically go into liquidation. It is a process of closing a company to distribute its assets to all the creditors. There are three types of Business Liquidation. Including:

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

It allows Directors to wind-up an insolvent business. They nominate their own Liquidator to handle the entire situation. The appointed Liquidator will make payments to creditors before closing the company. This type of liquidation is required when the company is insolvent and is no longer feasible.

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

Under MVL, shareholders are allowed to appoint a Liquidator to close a solvent company formally. The Liquidator realise all the assets to all the outstanding and liabilities of the company. A capital distribution will be paid to shareholders from funds held in the organisation. This is a situation where business can be winded up before any financial collapse.

Provisional Liquidation (PL)

A Provisional Liquidation is also known as an official Liquidation where a court appoints a Liquidator to manage the debts and liabilities of the company. It is used as an emergency measure to protect the assets of the company that may be at risk of being taken in some or another form.

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